Parfum Discovery Set
Parfum Discovery Set

Parfum Discovery Set

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Made In South Africa

A boxed set of five perfumes in glass spray bottles of perfume; 3ml each. Scent descriptions below. 

3ml/0.10 fl.oz each
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PLANTIFOLIA LIGNOSA - This perfume has dominant notes of dense wood, supported by East African resins and Madagascan bourbon vanilla, sprinkled with yellow flowers and fine citruses. The all-natural essential oils include: omumbiri (Namibia), vanilla (Madagascar), frankincense (Somalia), patchouli (India), and sandalwood (India). 
ROSARIA - This perfume captures the roses of South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope at the moment when they exude their last breath and lose all of their petals. The all-natural essential oils include: rose absolute (Bulgaria), rose absolute (France), rose oil (India), opoponax (Somalia), and hyraceum (South Africa). 
FLORA CAPENSIS - This perfume contains exclusively indigenous African botanicals to capture the flora of Southern Africa. The all-natural essential oils include: omumbiri (Namibia), cape may (South Africa), cape snowbush (South Africa), African wormwood (South Africa), buchu (South Africa), and geranium (Malawi). 
FLORAE - This perfume is a diverse floral bouquet created with essences like jasmine, rose, tuberose, and neroli, accompanied by green leaves and accented with golden fruit. The all-natural essential oils include: tuberose (India), jasmine (Egypt), rose (Bulgaria), ylang-ylang (Madagascar), and vanilla (Madagascar). 
VETIVERIA CITRATA - This perfume presents the juxtaposition between two contrasting notes: grasses and citrus fruits. The all-natural essential oils include: vetiver (India), frankincense (Somalia), hyraceum (South Africa), lemon (Italy), neroli (India), and opoponax (Somalia).


A pharmacist at one of the oldest independent apothecaries in Cape Town, South Africa was getting repeated requests for a soap that would not dry out skin or that was safe for newborns.

He had nothing to recommend so for a year he tested many formulations, and in 1997 launched Wild Olive soap made by hand from cold-pressed olive oil. For the next decade that soap was the company’s only product.  

In 2007, the Wild Olive brand, along with his recipe, was purchased by its current owner and the original, effective soap remains the inspiration for everything they make today. 

All products are made with pure, all-natural botanical ingredients by hand in their Cape Town laboratory and workshop. They use only ingredients that come from nature - nothing synthetic - and so every product is biodegradable. 

Their exceptional products are made by meticulous artisans with a methodical approach to every formulation, working with state-of-the-art tools and materials.

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