Snare Necklace

Made In Zambia
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Snare Necklace made from recovered snare wire with metal beads.

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We recommend removing jewelry while swimming, bathing and exercising. Soaps can lead to a build-up of a film on your jewelry. Chlorine is damaging to jewelry and repeated exposure can cause it to break. Store in a fabric-lined jewelry box or pouch. 
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Snare Necklace

This Snare Necklace is made of reclaimed snare wire collected by rangers in national parks in Zambia. The snares are traps set by poachers to catch wild animals. 

At their workshop situated next to a well-worn elephant path, a team of just seven women converts the snares into a usable material before making each piece of jewelry by hand. The wire is cut using heavy-duty pliers and then hammered flat using a metal hammer on an anvil. Then the drill holes to string the pieces – the wire is so tough they go through 5 steel drill bits per week! 

For every piece sold they donate to anti-snare patrols in Zambia and have donated over $120,000 USD to date.

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